Slow down....enjoy the moment

Part of our business, and what we are hoping to achieve in our images, is a moment in time; frozen. A connection that speaks to who the person is, what they feel, and what they are projecting. 

Freezing a moment in time....

Freezing a moment in time....

Connection is essential to making a photograph more than just another photo.  Not only does this apply to our professional work but it should also apply to all of us as we document our lives, and our families lives.

Sometimes, dare I say, we should consider putting the camera down.  When we do so, we can be in the moment, and, only when we feel that connection should we pick the camera up.   That is when you will capture the images that evoke an emotion, a memory, something to be cherished.

I thought I'd share an article I enjoyed by Jim Richardson (no relation), a photographer that often contributes to National Geographic, that addresses this same phenomenon.  A reminder that life is about the moments and if we don't stop to enjoy them, our photographs and our memories loose their meaning.